Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tag... You're It!

Maybe I should... stay at home! Today I stayed home from work (I did not feel well), and I accomplished so much!
I love the smell of... coffee, but I hate the taste! Wayne drinks his coffee black, and the only kind of coffee that I can drink is a mocha (light, of course) frap.
People would say that I... am organized! Well, it's bc I am organized!
I don’t understand why... money doesn't grow on trees! It would really make life so much easier if it did!
When I wake up in the morning... I really like to walk the dogs! It's the best way to start the day!
I lost my willpower to... cut out coke! Ugh! I really try, but they are just so good! I try to limit myself to one a day!
My past made me... appreciate the present!
I get annoyed when I... lose! I am really competitive in everything -games, athletics, etc.
Parties are not a good time to... cook! I don't cook, so it's just best to buy something that I know will be good!
Dogs are... man's best friend! I love our girls!
Cats are... no good! I am super allergic!
Tomorrow is... FRIDAY! Yay!
I have low tolerance for... quiet hunting! Take me to the dove field or a duck blind, and I will have a blast! Take me to a deer stand, and I can't cope. Being still and quiet for long periods of time does not work well for me.
I’m totally terrified of... snakes! I don't even like to type the word!
I always knew I would... be successful! I guess I am an optimist!
Never in my life have I... broken a bone!
High school was... a long time ago!
When I’m nervous... I talk even faster than normal!
One time at a family gathering... I questioned if I was adopted!
Take my advice... live out loud!
Making my bed... only happens on the weekends!
I'm almost always... late for work! And I don't mean 5 minutes, I mean 30 minutes.
I’m addicted to... coke! Really, I have a problem!
I want someone to... give me a coke! Pretty please!