Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Beautiful Girls!

Are these the cutest little girls you have ever seen? They make me smile! A bit of an update... Neeli is growing quickly so I am guessing the puppies will be healthy. I spoke with Dr. Kennedy today, and we will be switching her to Puppy Science Diet. She is going to be such a good mom. She is so smart and loyal. She will do anything you say the first time you ask - a typical first born! Nova is a little spit fire -she is not afraid of anything! I can hardly take her into the front yard bc she will greet all of the neighbors who walk by. I have tried to explain to her that she should not talk to strangers - no luck! And she still has her excited Cocker Spaniel pee. I personally think it is adorable, but I have not gotten my toes wet yet! She now weighs 14lbs, but she won't get much bigger. What can I say, we love our girls! :)


derek and brittney said...

i don't think i knew Neeli was pregnant. we just bred Koda this week! I have mixed emotions about it though, bc i know raising puppies is fun, but raising them in August doesn't sound like much fun to me AT ALL!!!