Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Retriever!

The Kearney Park Hunt Test was this weekend! Neeli did such a great job running her first "seasoned" tests (the middle level of a hunt test)!
On Saturday Wayne had to work the "finished" test (the highest level of a hunt test), so Neeli ran as the "test" dog! Wayne was nervous she would act crazy, but she was perfect! Too bad it did not count toward a PASS on "seasoned" water bc Neeli did not pass her water test - I think it was bc I was not there! She likes for her mom to cheer her on! She did pass the land with ease. However, she has to PASS both to get a ribbon.
So Sunday, Wayne did not run her as the "honor" dog! :) Good job Wayne! She aced the land test and did great on her water test as well! So, Neeli has her first "seasoned" PASS and received a beautiful ribbon! Go Neeli!!!