Saturday, December 6, 2008

145" of FUN!!!

Today Wayne finally killed a big buck - and he found it (inside joke)! It's his first big deer - he scored 145"+! And man is he excited! It's really a cute story... Wayne was headed duck hunting at Lambert with Clint and his dad - no surprise there! He decided to take his 45-70 and walk around a bit when the big boy jumped from the brush and ran for his life! Wayne had not been shooting too well that morning (at the ducks) but somehow managed to shoot the big boy in his hiney. Of course, there was no more running in store for the big boy after that - and I think that made him pretty upset! When Wayne made it over to him big boy tried to get him! So Wayne stepped back a couple of feet to shoot him. Smart Wayne, he is getting better at this deer hunting thing! The guys finished out the day by killing six ducks. Wayne still had trouble shooting a duck though!