Sunday, March 22, 2009


The most beautiful little girl in the world came to visit this weekend! And girlfriend, we had a big time! Friday night we went to BUNCO, and Kailee visited with Victoria, Stephanie's little girl! She really loved the baby, Audrey, too!

Kailee is growing like a weed (she is 20 months old) and talking nonstop - she is so smart! She especially loves animals so Saturday we made a trip to the ZOO with my Grandmommy (Kailee's great grandmother)! I think Grandmommy and I were both exhausted after three hours at the zoo!

Kailee liked the animals at the ZOO, but she loved all of the play areas! Here she is escaping from the dinosaur egg bc she saw the alligator! She is such a happy little girl! Even when she falls she looks up and says uh-oh!

This is Kailee's WINK! How cute is that? By Sunday we were so tired that we did not leave the house! Here Kailee is playing with her barn that has a pig, a cow, a duck, and a lamb, and she can tell you what each one says! SO SMART!

Kailee really loved the puppies! And Molly was the perfect size for her! Kailee would pick her up, and Molly would come back for more! It was precious! Nova, on the other hand, was not excited about getting picked up by her hair so she mostly retrieved all of Kailee's toys for me! HA! We had such a great weekend, I can hardly wait 'til the next visit!


Jason and Leigha said...

She is adorable! :)