Thursday, July 16, 2009

"You say it's your birthday" - The Beatles

Sara (SIL), Dean(MIL) and I traveled to the Hard Rock in Biloxi to celebrate Sara's 23rd birthday! She is growing up so fast! :)

And, of course, we celebrated in style! We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, played a few penny slots (I won $20) and boogied the night away with The So & So's (the band)!

We were having some much fun that we hated to see Sara's offical birthday go, but we still had another 1.5 days of fun ahead of us!

Day 2 was spent at the pool (do you really want to see those pics?)! Of course, I am happy to share our FAB sunburns with you! We had dinner at the buffet (you cannot go to a casino and not enjoy the chocolate fountain)! We also played more penny slots (I doubled my money then lost it all - let me just say I was the closest to winning)! And no night is complete without The So & So's!
Sara, your birthday rocked! Thanks for letting me be part of it! I love you like a sis!