Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Black's on the Beach!

Welcome to our first annual Black Family Vacation!  Typically, the guys take a hunting vacay (think kill ducks) and the girls head to the beach!  This year we started a new tradition of vacationing together!  But, of course, the first thing Wayne and Mitch (FIL) see is a double banded pigeon on our balacony!  Ha!  I guess boys will be boys! 

We had a great time relaxing poolside (no beach bc there was no wind), playing cards (Wayne and I won in pinochle), reading (I have the cutest book about a pig), eating at all of our fav places (the guys were impressed) and, of course, the dog races (Dean (MIL) and I almost won all of our money back)! 

As the sunset on our last day even the guys were eager to return next year!  And that's a big deal!