Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fair!!!

Yay!  Wayne and I had our lunch date at the fair!!!  It was so much fun!
Wayne had been craving fair food - he had not been to the fair (Neshoba does not count) since high school (ten years ago)!  Of course, I would rather ride the rides than eat at the fair anyday, but since we was willing to go (for the first time since we have been together) I decided I better seize the opportunity! 
Wayne had a Polish sausage dog covered in onions and peppers and mustard - interesting choice!  And I had Penn's chicken-on-a-stick - I figured that was pretty safe!  We walked the midway to see what we could see - what is it about the fair that brings out the weirdos?  Before we left we also grabbed a funnel cake, and Wayne was already talking about our second annual fair trip - What?!?!?  Next year I am hoping to incorporate a ride or two!!!