Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the Move!

Baby B is officially on the move! 
This morning at 3:40am Wayne left to go duck hunting with Chris!  Those guys and their hunting!!!  Well, for some reason I could not go back to sleep - for TWO HOURS!  At 4:08am I was laying on my back (well, I sleep at a 40 degree angle) and felt the baby bump move just below my belly button, so I placed my hand there.  Within moments Baby B moved TWICE!  I was so excited that I texted Wayne!  Of course, I left my hand on the baby bump to be sure not to miss another foot, elbow or head!  Sure enough, at 4:28am I left another protruding movement!  Yay! This was my first time to feel the little one move!  I cannot wait for Wayne to feel it!