Thursday, February 25, 2010

thanks dave!

i heart some dave ramsey... many of you are already familar with my obsession!  wayne and i were introduced to dave during our marriage counseling with our pastor, hunter!  total money makeover (dave ramsey) was one of three books that we were required to read, and honestly, it is the only one that we have truly applied in our marriage... although i admit that the love languages is a great book and we should apply it more often!!!  dave just made sense to both of us!  we are both numbers people (dorks), and we both have seasonal spending splurges so we knew we needed a plan!!!  now, don't get me wrong, it was not a perfect process... we fell off the bandwagon (can you say infiniti) but we got back up and started again!  as we approach our 3 year anniversary it seems right that we are celebrating with a DEBT FREE SCREAM!!!  no, we will not be calling in to dave's radio or tv show this friday, but we proudly mailed off our last car (infiniti) payment this morning!  now we won't owe a single person a dime for an infiniti!!! ha!  now we can move to baby step 3, saving a 6 month emergency fund!  yay!  i am so excited!


Anonymous said...

Good for yall!! Nate and I are Dave Ramsey fans too. Someone gave us tickets to one of his shows as an engagement gift, so we started our marriage the Dave Ramsey way as well, and it has been such a blessing not to have debt hanging over us. They should make EVERY couple go through that when they're engaged!!!
There are certainly not many people who can say that they are debt free at their 3 year anniversary! Yall are awesome!

Candise said...

You go girl!!!!!