Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Ten Things I am Thankful for this Week:
1. My 2 week doctors appointment!  I gained 3lbs so I guess Ely Reed is officially in her growth spurt!  Dr. Carroll gave me some great exercise to help my back pain!  And it was a quick appointment!  :)
2. My wonderful husband picked up our custom wood furniture from Star Furniture!  It is exactly what I was thinking!  Pictures to come later!  Wayne has also been on a cleaning streak this week - matching socks, washing dishes!  I heart that he is joining in my nesting!  
3. I was the leader for newspaper sales this week!  Yippee!  This is a rarity!
4. I cooked dinner by myself tonight, and it was ready when Wayne got home!  It was just chicken alfredo but it was good, and we had leftovers!
5. The spring weather is officially here!  I began the celebration today by purchasing red adirondack chairs for the backyard!  I plan to buy geraniums and ferns for the entrance.  And the flowerbeds need a bit more color - I am thinking more yellow!  
6. I finally submitted and approved the final proof of our wedding album this week!  Yes!  We have been married for 3+ years!  We should be receiving the coffee table book the week before our first child arrives!  Ha!
7. Childbirth classes!!!  Wayne did not really enjoy the natural childbirth video, but it lead to some great open conversation at our house!  And our teacher is funny!  
8. We welcomed seven new families to join our church on Sunday!  We had a Meet & Greet on Wednesday to chat with the new female members, and it was well attended!  And so much fun!
9. Shoney's!!!  Wayne and I had breakfast at Shoney's on Saturday!  I had probably not eaten at a Shoney's in 13 years, but it was delicious!
10.  I am  going to visit my Daddy this weekend!  Yay!  Although we only live 2 hours apart, we just don't visit enough!  I miss seeing him!


Jason and Leigha said...

Enjoy your weekend and spending time with your Dadddy. :) Post some more pictures of that sweet growing Ely! :)