Wednesday, May 12, 2010

38 weeks

This morning I had my 38 week appointment - still no change!  Ely Reed is just chilling and loving every minute of it!  And I can breathe and have not had to deal with frequent bathroom trips, so I can not complain!  
The appointment was very informative.  It appears that the "no change" may lead to a c-section!  I was thrilled to have a sonogram - Wayne was so bummed he was not present!  She was a wiggle worm while the sweet sonographer was attempting to measure her, but it appears that she is about 6lbs. 15oz.  Needless to say, she could be a very big girl!  She still has long legs!  And she has the cutest little profile like her daddy!  
To my delight, when I arrived to the office from my appointment my co-workers surprised me with a baby shower, lunch (i heart some pizza shack) and strawberry cake (beagle bagel is the best)!  So fun!  And Ely Reed got tons of adorable stuff!  We also got to see ER's best friend's mommy, Misti (photo above).  
How Far Along: 38 weeks (but it will be two more weeks before she arrives unless something drastic happens)
Total Weight Gain: ummm... still not going to talk about it!  I have not yet surpassed the scary number, and that's all you need to know! :)
Maternity Clothes: Still loving my maternity clothes!!!  I may look like a tent, but I feel great!
Moment of the Week: Seeing Ely Reed would have to top the list, but I have gotten tons of adorable things for the nursery - its all coming together beautifully!
Movement: She is still moving & shaking!    
Food Craving: I heart SWEET TEA!  I cannot get enough of it!  But don't worry, I drink decaf!
Food Aversion: Anything with red sauce!!!
Morning Sickness: Still dealing with heartburn like crazy and just praying that it will go away when ER arrives!
Gender: It's still a little princess!  But since she is dropping I have had so many people ask if I am having a boy!  
Labor Signs: Ha!  I don't know a thing about those hence the c-section conversation!  
Belly Button: Surprisingly its not an outie so I am so happy!!!
What I Miss: Yall are going to think I am crazy, but now that I can breathe the only thing that I miss is the ability to get around and accomplish my to do list in a timely manner!!! Ha!
What I am Looking Forward to: A FINISHED nursery!!!
Weekly Wisdom: An intelligent and well rounded doctor is worth their weight in gold!  I just love that my doc is so honest, straight forward and just plain down to earth!  
Why I Think My Husband will ROCK as a Daddy: Wayne Black HATES a TO DO LIST yet he is helping as much as he can!  It is cute!  He would never do it just for me!  ER already has him wrapped around her finger!