Friday, March 7, 2008

Cake... it's just good!

We have had a great time eating the top of our wedding cake this week! I have to be honest though, we almost forgot about it! As usual, we had dinner on Monday (our anniversary bc of leap year) at Wayne's parents house. We always hang out for a while , watch our favorite TV shows, eat dessert, and get home late. This Monday was no different! Around 10:30pm I got a text from my friend Amy that said "Hope you had a great anniversary! How was the cake?" Of course, I freaked out! First, bc I could not believe that I forgot! Second, bc the cake was still frozen! But I was also very thankful bc we never stay up that late! So, Wayne went got the cake out of the freezer and we had a couple of bites before we went to bed.

Although Wayne says he is not a big fan of dessert, every night this week he has fixed a plate with a huge slab of cake. Needless to say it is going quick!