Monday, March 24, 2008

Painting Princesses

My mom and I took an exciting trip over the weekend to the booming metropolis of Bay Springs! No, we did not go for adventure. We went to help my brother, Rick, and sister-in-law, Meggie, paint their house. The previous occupants had an interesting taste in paint colors. One bedroom was a sloppy mix of hot pink and red and the living room was a rust color. With countless hours of HGTV under our belt, my mom and I were the perfect people to make their place beautiful! The weekend included hours of shopping, priming with Klitz, lining the walls with blue tape, and painting. We had lots of fun, but we did not realize how much work it would really be. In the end their house was beautiful!

My niece, Kailee, has a beautiful shade of pink in her nursery. It is called Ballerina!

The living room is very large so we painted it a darker color to make it feel more comfy. It is a great shade of tan called sauteed mushroom!