Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

Yay! I received a blog award! My super creative friend Emily graciously gave me the honors! Sorry it has taken me so long to blog about it Emily!

Basically, the award requires that you blog 6 interesting facts about yourself and then tag 6 friends to do the same!

Some interesting facts about me:

1) I am totally OCD about organization (kinda like Emily)! It doesn't matter if it is my pantry, my closet, the garage, etc! Everything has to have a perfect spot! And I cannot function if an item is not exactly where it is suppose to be! For instance, I have a book on my coffee table! Each night we eat at the coffee table. After dinner I have to put the book and surronding items exactly in there spot before I can move onto watching tv or whatever.

2) I absolutely love animals! When I was little I wanted to be a vet, but I really should just live on a farm. In all seriousness I want a pot belly pig named Cecil, a dog of every breed, a mini-horse, an aquarium, etc. Anytime I hear of an animal that needs a home I want to volunteer! Animals are just so entertaining - maybe I have seen too many animated cartoons!

3) While on the subject of animals, Wayne suggested that I also list my impressive list of animals that I have successfully hunted! Myhusband would hunt anything, so lucky me has had to chance to hunt lots! My current list of kills includes dove, duck, deer, geese, and frogs! My favorite type of hunting is dove followed closely by frogs! I also like duck hunting, but it gets really cold! And deer is my least favorite bc you have still, quiet, and bored!

4) My secret wish is to be the Governor of Mississippi! I have a bit of an obsession with politics which is a result of my volunteer experience with the Southern Women in Public Service Conference (SWIPS) in college. Of course, it grew from there! For me, it is amazing how a small group of people (politicans), can be such a catalyst for change! I love it!

5) I am a retired pageant girl! Ha! I was Miss W 2004 and Miss Houston North Central 2006, so I competed in Miss Mississippi two times! I had so much fun with it! And I met some really incredible people! But I am retired!

6) I am highly allergic to cats, poison ivy/oak, and ants! So, I basically carry benadryl everywhere I go! To this day I cannot pet a cat without it resulting in a swollen red face - this is partically difficult bc Wayne's family has a cat! And every time Wayne goes to hang deer stands he brings back poison ivy! Although you would hardly know that he has it I make him wear long sleeves to bed for a week. Nonetheless, I have it all over me in a matter of days! I cannot remember a year when I did not get poison ivy! And then there are the ants! The word just makes my skin crawl - just one could bit my foot and it would swell like a watermelon!

Well, that is enough about me! I am going to tag Leigha, Katy, Shelley, Mary Martha, Lori Beth, and Jenny Lynne as recepients of the Kreativ Blog Award! Have fun girls!


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