Monday, November 10, 2008

My Baby Girl!

Oh how I love my lil black girl! Is she the cutest thing you have ever seen? With all of the recent updates on Neeli and her hunt tests, I thought Nova needed her 15 mintues of fame! Nova is now fully grown - she weighs 17lbs! But when her hair starts to fro (Wayne calls it fluffy) you would swear that she weighs 30lbs - she is so cuddly! On a typical day Nova wears her pink MSU collar, but she also likes to wear her pink scarf. She is also getting used to wearing t-shirts - of course, she and Neeli have a matching wardrobe! She always has the most adorable somber expression, but when you talk to her she opens her mouth like she is going to talk back or when you say kisses she licks you - how sweet! She is still going with me everwhere - except for work! Her favorite place is Chick-Fil-A bc they give her a treat! And she really loves her big sister, Neeli - she could play with her for hours! She still sleeps in her kennel during the day and at night (we learned our lesson when we let her sleep with us)! Needless to say, I love her to death! She makes me smile! You should come by to visit - she will welcome you with her excited pee!