Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wayne and I hosted a Halloween Party at the Lake Caroline Clubhouse with our friends John and Amanda, Tallie and Caleb & Sara Anne and Brandon.  It was so much fun!

Wayne and I were a Critical Patient and an EMT - my jacket was super reflective!

Robin and Jason were the cutest disco couple - I am still impressed that Jason dressed up!!!

Anna and Andy were a mouse and some cheese - they are always creative!

Meagan and Mark dressed as a knocked up cheerleader and principal - they are so fun!

Tallie and Caleb were Lady Gaga and her Poker Face - they could have won a costume contest!

Sara Ann and David were adorable Flinstones - love them!

J. Hunter was supporting Peace & Love, Not War - he came home for our party! :)

Amanda and John were Marilyn Monroe and Elvis - they are precious together!

Jamie and Josh were Harley enthusiasts - the leather, tattoos and all! 
I love Halloween!