Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 things

A special thanks to Nikki for tagging me in her latest post.  Bascially, I have to list 7 things that are going on with me right now!  Honestly, life is super busy right now so this should not be a problem! :)

1. April 1 is our official deadline for the nursery!  Yes, that is very soon.  Wayne has been completely moved out of the space for a couple of weeks now, so its time to get on the ball.  The painter is coming early next week.  I also plan to order her bed next week.  And mom is working on the bedding.  So, I am thinking if I can accomplish all of these things next week then I will have a better idea of what else I need.  That's possible, right?

2. Daycare demands lots of attention!  Ha!  Ely Reed is officially enrolled in St. Matthews for August (answered prayer), but the program ends at 1:30pm each day.  So, our little issue is not completely solved.  I am praying that a stay-at-home mom/sitter will be interested in keeping her in the afternoon or that she will get into St. Francis (open registration is next week).

3. My first shower is tomorrow, and I am so excited!  First, I am really excited to have so many of my favorite people in one place.  Second, it makes Ely Reed's arrival feel real - she will be her in 10 weeks!  Its so surreal!

4. I am officially swelling!  Well, at least I think its swelling!  My legs are starting to resemble tree trunks!  This is not good for my already athletic legs.  I have been walking each week, obviously not as much as I should.  Today I have been resting in hopes that will spark a change - we will see!

5. My nesting/organization bug is still in full bloom!  Are you surprised?  I would love to say it is limited to our home, but that would be a lie!  It began with our decor, and it has now moved into our budget, food, future home, etc.  If I just had more energy I could organize the government!  Ha!

6. Wayne is studying for the PE - the professional engineer test!  I am so proud of his studying efforts!  The test is April 16th.  Although its officially turkey season he has prioritized the PE!  Well, he is still hunting but he took his books and is studying in his down time!  Go Wayne! 

7. My favorite black girls (the furry ones that live under my feet) are more needy than EVER!  Neeli is in heat so that does not help, but any time I get close to Nova she is nudging me.  Nova, on the other hand, lives by my side (which I truly love).  This week she got shaved and had to go to the vet for her annual appointment, so its nice that she still wants to snuggle!  And I think Neeli misses hunting with her daddy!  Today I dressed them in their pink Sweet Thing shirts - so fitting!

Now I am going tag Leigha, Candise, Katie P., Katy P., Amber W., Jessica M., Sarah S.