Monday, March 29, 2010

i heart netflix!

So, we don't watch much TV, but I am starting to realize that we are addicted to netflix! 
Wayne has always been a big movie fan.  Not so much a go-to-the-movies fan - I could count on my fingers the number of times that we have been to theatre in the eight years we have been together - but he loves renting movies!  We went through a Blockbuster phase right after we got married (we were trying to catch up on 24 seasons), but we soon became annoyed with traveling seven miles to switch out movies.  We did some research, and we found netflix!  For a whopping $15 a month we get two movies at a time and can watch an unlimited number of movies!  It's fantastic! 
So, we watch all sorts of movies!  Honestly, Wayne is "in charge" of our que so we watch tons boy movies (think war movies and cheesy comedies - these are Wayne's favs), but I also get to pick some of my favs (think romantic comedies) and lobby for all of the new releases to join our que!
But I mentioned addiction?  Yes!  I think I did!  I noticed yesterday that the average Sunday includes church, Sunday school, lunch with the fam, a movie, a nap, community group, a second movie, bedtime.  Don't think at least two movies every Sunday is that bad?  I must admit that sometimes in addition watch a netflix movie that Sara has received that we have not watched yet - that's three movies!  Not to mention that having two NEW movies at our house on Sunday takes special planning.  During the week we often watch at least one movie so we have to calculate the mail to ensure our two Sunday movies are guarnteed!  That, my friend, is addiction!


Amber said...

We're the same way. Chad is trying to set us up with the instant download - there are lots of "baby" movies on there that can be downloaded without waiting.