Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bachelorette!!!

Is anyone else obsessed with The Bachelorette? Really, I guess my obsession goes back to college, watching the The Bachelor on Lockheart (my social club at the W) Hall each Wednesday after our meeting. I will never forget how we crammed 20 girls into one room and watched each minute of The Bachelor as if we were approving him to date one of our friends. Those were the days!!! Well, I guess life is a bit different now, but I still watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette religiously - with my father-in-law!!! Yes, you can read - my father-in-law! Each Monday we have dinner at Wayne's parents house, and Wayne's dad (Mitch) loves the show just as much as I do! This season of The Bachelorette was no different - actually it was better in my opinion (The Bachelor has gotten kinda trashy - I like The Bachelorette better bc I think there is a chance the relationship will actually last)! Although Mitch and I picked Jeremy (we were sick when DeAnna cut him for no apparent reason), DeAnna is a smart chic - Jesse will turn out fine! I cannot wait to see who the next Bachelor is - my vote is for Jeremy!!!


The Cochrans said...

Oh THOSE were the days!!! I tell Jason every time I see a commercial for the Bachelor/ette about how we would record it, then as soon as the Lockheart meeting was over, we'd race back to the hall to watch it. SO FUN!!! It is great keeping up with you on here!

D McKinley said...

Oh, how I miss those days, too!! I will never forget us screaming "She better choose Ryan!" when Trista was the Bachelorette. I am such a fan of Jason myself...he was just too cute, and seeing him with his son--wow, melt your heart. :)