Sunday, July 20, 2008

R is for Removing the Clutter!

Okay! I love some organization, and a big part of it is decluttering! So, everything that I do not want that is in my house I have moved to the garage. Wayne hates it bc he thinks the garage is part of his man-space! After the failed garage sale, Wayne has gotten on the bandwagon to help me declutter! It has been lots of fun! He started with putting a few items on ebay and has now moved to craigslist. He would never admit it, but I think he is really having fun selling things! Plus, I told him that he could have all of the profits! So far, he has done really well! Soon I will have the world organized! :)


Jaclyn said...

I just listed things this morning on Ebay for the very first time! It only took me 3 hours- but I finally did it. I hope that you and Wayne are sucessful in the decluttering. I just read "It's all too much" and it has made me want to get rid of everything :)