Sunday, July 13, 2008

P is for PARTY!

Today we had a Birthday Party for my niece, Kailee. I can hardly believe that she is one year old! The theme for her party was DOTS! It was so adorable! We let her eat her cake with her fingers, which she loved! But she had icing all over the place.

I love this kid! She makes me smile! And she is so smart! She says "Hi there!" and dances - she is my kinda girl! She looks exactly like my brother, and she has my personality! :)

I had to include this photo - how could you not love these rolls? Although she is one year old she is already wearing 24 month clothes! She also really loves hats -she gets that from her daddy! Isn't she adorable in her dots?


Katie said...

Hi! Thanks for the welcome back. I must do better!!

em g said...

she is so precious!!!