Friday, August 29, 2008

My Alma Mater

I look back fondly on my years at the W! In fact, it was the best years of my life!!! Although I will always refer to my alma mater as "the dub" it is apparent that the university will soon be called by another name. And honestly, I am fine with that!
According to the Dr. Limbert a name change will define the current student as both male and female as well as assist with enrollment and retention. What I do hope for with the name change is that the university is looked upon in a more positive light! It is what it is - a small private school experience at a public school price, a place rooted in tradition, a university where opportunities are endless, somewhere where everybody knows your name! For me, the W was a ideal fit! Maybe the name prevents others just like me from giving the university a chance?
Either way, I love the dub!
Next weekend I will be traveling to good ole Columbus to take part in rush, where I will be the Preference Party speaker for my social club, Lockhearts! I can hardly wait to see my favorite group of girls. And to be on the campus that I hold so dear to my heart!


Katie said...

My mom was a fellow "dub." She loved it!! Have fun going back for rush.

Jason and Leigha said...

Can't wait!!! Just a week until the day! :)