Sunday, August 31, 2008

V is for Victory!

Wayne, Neeli, and I traveled to Winnsboro, LA this weekend so Neeli could compete in her very first HRC hunt test! She competed in both a land test and a water test on Saturday and Sunday, and she passed each day! Go Neeli! She now has 10 of the 100 points she needs to become a Hunt Retriever Champion (HRCH).
Can the believe the size of these ribbons? I am not really sure what we are suppose to do with the ribbons, but we had to take a photo.

Neeli loves water, and the water portion of her hunt test was her favorite! You can see that she is very serious! I was scared that I would distract her (she loves her momma) so I hid behind the bushes! :)
In addition to the hunt test, we decided to stay in Monroe Saturday night. Luckily we made arrangements about two weeks ago bc all of the hotels were booked. Of course, we had to sneak Neeli into the hotel, but she loved it! We had dinner at Mohawk Tavern - it was great! And Wayne watched MSU get beat - not so fun! As usual Neeli slept on the bed with us and when we woke up the white bedspread was covered with black fur!!! Oops!!!