Monday, August 18, 2008

U is for Uhhh!

Okay! I have to be honest - I have gained a good bit of weight since Wayne and I got married. Wayne is much more understanding than the above cartoon, but it has really has started bothering me (and my clothes which I feel that I am abusing every day when I am getting ready). So, I am going to do something about it!
Yesterday I made a commitment to stop drinking sodas (thanks for that idea Shelley). Today I joined the gym (thanks for that idea Whitney) and had my first workout in six months. And tomorrow I am going to start a food diary (thanks for that idea Carrie Underwood). Yay!!!
I will keep you updated on my progress!


Brandy & Ike said...

oh how I understand!! In the 2 months we have been married I have gained 10 lbs! The clothes I bought on our honeymoon no longer fit!!