Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crawdads... Happy Birthday Charles!!!

John and Amanda let me hitch a ride to Cleveland - I loved riding with them bc John just loves every part of the Delta!  Wayne (after a work day in the Delta) met us at Chris and Melanie's house!  Of course, the birthday boy had no clue we were actually there to celebrate his BIG 3-0! The BIG SURPRISE came Saturday night at Crawdad's!!!
Wayne and I love Crawdad's - especially the fried mushrooms!
The girls pilled up in the back of the Excursion for the night's festivities! 
Wayne and Chris celebrated with a Prom pose!  What can I say... They really love each other!
Mel and I on the front porch - she is my fav fashionista!!!
And then there are the rowdy guys - Charles (the birthday boy), John Polles, Brad, Chris and Wayn-o!
We had such a great time!