Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Fair 2009

Thanks to the Luke Family for inviting us to closeout the Neshboa County Fair! Wayne and I were happy to join the joyful alleys filled with red dirt and colorful cabins early Thursday morning. Of course, the fair fun began with the horse races. There is no better way to lose money than one dollar at a time with the glee of excitement from friends!

After a gourmet dinner of ducks by Wayne we made our way back to the tailgate of the truck to listen to Neil McCoy. There is just something that the fair that makes me momentarily like country music. And, of course, no night at the fair is complete without a game of booray, which Tallie (with my help) managed to sweep!

Friday was the final day of the fair, but we did not let it get us down. We walked to the midway for a lunch of fair food - you have to have chicken on a stick at the fair. And we returned to the horse races for the championships. Later we enjoyed more country tunes with Little Big Town and were wowed by the 23 minute fireworks show - it was the best I had ever seen!
The highlight of the evening was the family trip to the midway were we visited the bunny rabbits, played some of our favorite fair games and rode the best rides - even Wayne pushed back his fear and rode the ring of fire (it is the first ride I have ever seen him ride)!

We ended the evening on Sunset Strip with booray and beignets! And I am already looking forward to next year!