Monday, August 24, 2009

A Must Read!

So, I have decided to start reading again - see previous post for the motivational moment! Thankfully, I could not have picked up a more appropriate book to renew my interest!

For anyone girl has a close knit group of girlfriends, The Wednesday Sisters is a great read! You may not watch the Miss America Pageant together or write novels together like the Wednesday Sisters, but you will fall in love with their quirky personalities. You will identify with novels mentioned! And, if you like history, you will laugh through all of the historical references! And yes, you will cry, laugh and call a girlfriend just to say hi!

So, I could not possibly keep all of this fun to myself (not to mention where would I store all of these books I plan to read)? I have decided to pass on each book that I read to a friend who would enjoy it! The Wednesday Sisters will be going straight to my good friend, Shelley. Before I even finished a chapter I realized Shelley would be my Wednesday sister should I have the freedom to choose a sister for myself!!! Love you Shally! :)

Now, go pick up The Wednesday Sisters! Target has the best price!!!