Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decorating in Layers

If you are like me monetary and time restrictions force you to decorate your home in layers! Needless to say our home is a work in progress! I originally shared our master bedroom with you a few months ago, but I have added a layer!

Do you see notice the three new additions? And no, those adorable black girls do not count! Let me help... Do you see the tweet little green bird on the bedside table to the left? It brings in some of the green accent color I am going for, and I got it for $10 at Smitten! Do you see something new on the bedside table to the right? It's says love (kinda like a master bedroom), and I actually stole it from the living room but I think I got it from Kirklands a couple of years ago!

Now, for my most favorite addition... a personalized accent pillow in apple green velvet from Ballard Designs!!! I actually found the pillow on a decorating blog, and since I needed a solid to complete my "stripe, pattern, solid and something black" formula I could not pass it up! Plus, it was green - my accent color! AND it was only $22!!!

And, although I have never shared our living room here our recent updates require some recognition. Finally, I talked Wayne into letting me move our TV to the center (I am a libra; I love balance). The TV was over to the right at first, and it simply did not work! Our super fantastic friend (and electrician), Matt, did the handy work and made all of my cords disappear. To help Wayne cave I volunteered to bring in his duck prints! I still have lots of updates planned but, like I said, decorating comes in layers.

And last but certainly not least, the BIG WALL! Wayne bought this beautiful huge painting (60 X 60) for me for Valentines Day! After all, nothing says I love you like a beautiful field and traditonal red barn!!! I have been searching for the perfect piece to anchor this area, but I have not found anything I love for what I want to pay!

What do you think of my latest layers?


Praise God from whom all blessings flow! said...

all of it is so cute!!!! i love your painting!

have you ever been to 'the mustard seed' in oxford? GREAT place for unique furniture! and alot of it at good prices! (rebecca u. showed me that great place!)