Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Redneck Weekend!!!

Wayne and I had a great (and very productive) redneck weekend! Wayne insisted that it was just a normal weekend, but for me there is nothing normal about sunbathing with a good book while your husband bushhogs!!!

And yes, that is exactly what we did - and yes, we planned it that way!
Wayne's parents are on vacay in Alaska (yes, we are jealous too), so Wayne was placed in charge of the preliminary preparation of the dove fields. Of course, I did not want to miss out on the fun!
Of course, I really came for the early morning chicken biscuit from the curbstore!
So, I scouted out the perfect book for about a week, and I ended up with The Wednesday Sisters (great book, will post more about that later). I packed an old swimsuit and my favorite hats and I was ready to go! My plan was to tan and read while Wayne worked, and I had so much fun - not to mention lots more color! I also got to ride the tractor on the trip to the game camera and the fuel tank! Yippee!!!

Wayne worked really hard - the bushhogging at Crowder took over four hours and Lambert took nearly three hours! But Wayne loves being on a tractor - if I did not know better I would think he was a farmer's son!

We had a great day together - even though we did run out of fuel in the truck on the way back to the cabin and we had to call in backups!

Is anyone else as excited about dove season as I am?