Saturday, April 26, 2008

Visiting Leigha-bug!

I traveled to Memphis this weekend to visit my best friend, Leigha. We had a great time together-as always! I miss seeing her every day, but it is so much fun to catch up! I can hardly believe that we are big kids now. Today was TAX FREE day in Tennesse so we shopped 'til we dropped. Yay! I love you Leigha-bug! Now it's your turn to visit! :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nova's First Trip to the Groomer!

After a brief trip by my office, Nova and I headed to Diva Dog. I was the nervous mom, scared to leave my little girl at the groomer with all nameless dogs! Nova was an overly excited little girl, happy to leave her mom behind for a fun day of play at the groomer. Well, I think she had fun to say the least! When I returned at 4pm she was passed out on the floor sleeping like an angel. At first I did not even recognize her. Her fluffy fur was now a well trimmed, manageable do with adorable pink bows! I guess that is what I was paying for, but I did not expect her to look so different. She had gone from a cute puppy to a little dog in just a few hours. Nevertheless, she was precious! And she was hungry and exhausted! She slept all the way home, and she gobbled down her dinner.

Needless to say, the bows did not last long. She keep messing with her ears and shaking her head so I took out the bows within the first hour. Cockers are known for having trouble with their ears so I did not want to risk her irritating them. Isn't she simply adorable?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hanging with Houston!

Wayne, Caleb, Tally, and I went to Natchez this weekend to hang out with Houston's parents (Lori Beth and Stephen). We were so excited to see Houston two weekends in a row. The guys enjoyed a few turkey hunts, giving us girls plenty of time to catch up! It was our first trip to Natchez since LB and Stephen moved back, so it great to see their house. Of course, Wayne enjoyed being at Pinecrest even though there were no kills recorded. We both enjoyed so quality time with Houston.