Monday, October 26, 2009

HRCH Maggy's Super Black Benelli

While the girls were traveling Neeli and Wayne traveled to Birmingham, AL to participate in a Hunt Test!  And I am happy to report we now have a Champion - I guess traveling to all corners of the Southeast with our little athlete has proven valuable!  Neeli earned her Hunt Retriever Champion title Saturday following it up with another ribbon on Sunday and a wet bath for Wayne (it is a tradition to soak the owner when he earns a title)!  Wayne and Neeli are on cloud nine.  Wayne is excited about the title!  Neeli is excited about the reward - she gets to sleep with us!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girls Trip to the Windy City

Chicago was our destination... Four girls on a four day weekend to discover all that the Windy City had to offer - via each and every mode of transportation and with the help of a terrific itinerary!!!  Enjoy a glimpse into our FAB TRIP!

The trip began Wednesday night at 5:30pm as we boarded Amtrack in Jackson.  We picked up Melissa in Memphis at 10:40pm.  And a wonderful 15 hours from our boarding time we arrived in Chicago - that is 9am!  It was a long and adventourous trip - well worth the time!!!  Here we are in Union Station (Kelly, me, Sara, Melissa)!!!

Of course, one of our first stops was Millenium Park to see the SHINY BEAN!!!  Although it was sprinkling we got some great pics!  Have I mentioned Chicago is pretty cold and kinda rainy in October?

A trip to Chicago is complete with the JAZZ BAR experience - even though some jazz guys really love their instruments! Ha!  Melissa and I were smart to bring an extensive collection of scarves!

One of my favorites was the Architectural Riverboat Cruise... it was very imformative and it really helped your realize where you were even off the boat! Mel and Sara really enjoyed the drinks! :)

And, of course, Howl at the Moon, the duling piano bar, was SO MUCH FUN!  Although I think you would have to get there at 6pm to get a seat, we danced the night away to everything from the Michigan Fight Song to Sweet Caroline!  Loved it!
Chicago was a terrific choice for our Girls' Trip!  We loved the Willis Tower, the El Train, walking, Michigan Avenue, Lincoln Park, walking, Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, shopping, walking, Buckingham Fountain (although it was dry), the friendly Chicagians, all the terrific PIZZA, the noteworthy  and being able to actually use all of our Winter and Rain Gear!!!  FUN!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lil Pink Monster!!!

The cutest 'lil pink monster you have ever seen came to visit her Sally and Unc Wayne this weekend!  And boy, did we have a big weekend!  It all began with a shopping trip to Old Navy for above outfit - Kailee loves to shop and go fast in the buggy!  Saturday morning we got up bright and early to walk in a 5k with my friend Katy - Kailee came in first in her age group and, amazingly, Katy and I came in 2nd and 3rd in our age group!  Saturday afternoon was spent visiting with family and friends - Nana, Grandmommy, Granny, Dean, Swayze, Lizzy!  Sunday we both went to the nursery at church while Unc Wayne went to big church - it was lots of fun to watch Kailee interact with other kids!  We had a great weekend - but I am exhausted!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fair!!!

Yay!  Wayne and I had our lunch date at the fair!!!  It was so much fun!
Wayne had been craving fair food - he had not been to the fair (Neshoba does not count) since high school (ten years ago)!  Of course, I would rather ride the rides than eat at the fair anyday, but since we was willing to go (for the first time since we have been together) I decided I better seize the opportunity! 
Wayne had a Polish sausage dog covered in onions and peppers and mustard - interesting choice!  And I had Penn's chicken-on-a-stick - I figured that was pretty safe!  We walked the midway to see what we could see - what is it about the fair that brings out the weirdos?  Before we left we also grabbed a funnel cake, and Wayne was already talking about our second annual fair trip - What?!?!?  Next year I am hoping to incorporate a ride or two!!!   

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner @ The Black's

I love Mondays!  Each Monday after work we go to Wayne's parents house for dinner!  It's terrific!  My MIL is a great cook, and she always makes dessert - my fav!  Today she had half of a pecan pie waiting for me - Wayne doesn't like sweets very much!  So, after a delicious dinner (chicken pie, black eyed peas and fried okra - my fav food ever) I decided I should take a bit of a break before dessert!  After visiting with Granny and Poppa for about 20 minutes I anxiously returned for my delicious dessert!  Instead, I found my favorite little baby dog, all fours on the table, devouring my precious pecan pie!!!  Of course, she is a picky eater - she had carefully taken off the top layer of pecans and placed them to the side (she gets that from her daddy)!  Needless to say, I did not get dessert this week!  Now I am just hoping that Nova does not get sick!  I don't think she has ever had sweets before - she is more of a popcorn kinda girl!