Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crawdads... Happy Birthday Charles!!!

John and Amanda let me hitch a ride to Cleveland - I loved riding with them bc John just loves every part of the Delta!  Wayne (after a work day in the Delta) met us at Chris and Melanie's house!  Of course, the birthday boy had no clue we were actually there to celebrate his BIG 3-0! The BIG SURPRISE came Saturday night at Crawdad's!!!
Wayne and I love Crawdad's - especially the fried mushrooms!
The girls pilled up in the back of the Excursion for the night's festivities! 
Wayne and Chris celebrated with a Prom pose!  What can I say... They really love each other!
Mel and I on the front porch - she is my fav fashionista!!!
And then there are the rowdy guys - Charles (the birthday boy), John Polles, Brad, Chris and Wayn-o!
We had such a great time!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decorating in Layers

If you are like me monetary and time restrictions force you to decorate your home in layers! Needless to say our home is a work in progress! I originally shared our master bedroom with you a few months ago, but I have added a layer!

Do you see notice the three new additions? And no, those adorable black girls do not count! Let me help... Do you see the tweet little green bird on the bedside table to the left? It brings in some of the green accent color I am going for, and I got it for $10 at Smitten! Do you see something new on the bedside table to the right? It's says love (kinda like a master bedroom), and I actually stole it from the living room but I think I got it from Kirklands a couple of years ago!

Now, for my most favorite addition... a personalized accent pillow in apple green velvet from Ballard Designs!!! I actually found the pillow on a decorating blog, and since I needed a solid to complete my "stripe, pattern, solid and something black" formula I could not pass it up! Plus, it was green - my accent color! AND it was only $22!!!

And, although I have never shared our living room here our recent updates require some recognition. Finally, I talked Wayne into letting me move our TV to the center (I am a libra; I love balance). The TV was over to the right at first, and it simply did not work! Our super fantastic friend (and electrician), Matt, did the handy work and made all of my cords disappear. To help Wayne cave I volunteered to bring in his duck prints! I still have lots of updates planned but, like I said, decorating comes in layers.

And last but certainly not least, the BIG WALL! Wayne bought this beautiful huge painting (60 X 60) for me for Valentines Day! After all, nothing says I love you like a beautiful field and traditonal red barn!!! I have been searching for the perfect piece to anchor this area, but I have not found anything I love for what I want to pay!

What do you think of my latest layers?

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Must Read!

So, I have decided to start reading again - see previous post for the motivational moment! Thankfully, I could not have picked up a more appropriate book to renew my interest!

For anyone girl has a close knit group of girlfriends, The Wednesday Sisters is a great read! You may not watch the Miss America Pageant together or write novels together like the Wednesday Sisters, but you will fall in love with their quirky personalities. You will identify with novels mentioned! And, if you like history, you will laugh through all of the historical references! And yes, you will cry, laugh and call a girlfriend just to say hi!

So, I could not possibly keep all of this fun to myself (not to mention where would I store all of these books I plan to read)? I have decided to pass on each book that I read to a friend who would enjoy it! The Wednesday Sisters will be going straight to my good friend, Shelley. Before I even finished a chapter I realized Shelley would be my Wednesday sister should I have the freedom to choose a sister for myself!!! Love you Shally! :)

Now, go pick up The Wednesday Sisters! Target has the best price!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Redneck Weekend!!!

Wayne and I had a great (and very productive) redneck weekend! Wayne insisted that it was just a normal weekend, but for me there is nothing normal about sunbathing with a good book while your husband bushhogs!!!

And yes, that is exactly what we did - and yes, we planned it that way!
Wayne's parents are on vacay in Alaska (yes, we are jealous too), so Wayne was placed in charge of the preliminary preparation of the dove fields. Of course, I did not want to miss out on the fun!
Of course, I really came for the early morning chicken biscuit from the curbstore!
So, I scouted out the perfect book for about a week, and I ended up with The Wednesday Sisters (great book, will post more about that later). I packed an old swimsuit and my favorite hats and I was ready to go! My plan was to tan and read while Wayne worked, and I had so much fun - not to mention lots more color! I also got to ride the tractor on the trip to the game camera and the fuel tank! Yippee!!!

Wayne worked really hard - the bushhogging at Crowder took over four hours and Lambert took nearly three hours! But Wayne loves being on a tractor - if I did not know better I would think he was a farmer's son!

We had a great day together - even though we did run out of fuel in the truck on the way back to the cabin and we had to call in backups!

Is anyone else as excited about dove season as I am?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Fair 2009

Thanks to the Luke Family for inviting us to closeout the Neshboa County Fair! Wayne and I were happy to join the joyful alleys filled with red dirt and colorful cabins early Thursday morning. Of course, the fair fun began with the horse races. There is no better way to lose money than one dollar at a time with the glee of excitement from friends!

After a gourmet dinner of ducks by Wayne we made our way back to the tailgate of the truck to listen to Neil McCoy. There is just something that the fair that makes me momentarily like country music. And, of course, no night at the fair is complete without a game of booray, which Tallie (with my help) managed to sweep!

Friday was the final day of the fair, but we did not let it get us down. We walked to the midway for a lunch of fair food - you have to have chicken on a stick at the fair. And we returned to the horse races for the championships. Later we enjoyed more country tunes with Little Big Town and were wowed by the 23 minute fireworks show - it was the best I had ever seen!
The highlight of the evening was the family trip to the midway were we visited the bunny rabbits, played some of our favorite fair games and rode the best rides - even Wayne pushed back his fear and rode the ring of fire (it is the first ride I have ever seen him ride)!

We ended the evening on Sunset Strip with booray and beignets! And I am already looking forward to next year!