Wednesday, November 25, 2009

14 Week Appointment

Wayne and I had our 14 week appointment this morning!  It was the first time Wayne was able to join me.  And aside from a bit of a weirdness of realizing he was surronded by a bunch of women who were going to their "girl doctor" I think he really enjoyed it!  I had not gained any weight since my last appt, so I have only gained 1lb during my pregnancy!  Shocking!  I was secretly crossing my fingers for a sonogram but we were able to hear the baby's heartheat without one - it was 140!  My doc is betting on a boy, but he and I are the only ones thinking such!  Ha!  Overall, it was a quick and easy appointment, and it really is more fun with the husband present! :)
Developmently Baby B is the size of a lemon hence the cute graphic!  Baby B can now squint, frown, grimace and suck its thumb!  Isn't that adorable? Amazingly Baby B is only 3 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 ounces!!!  And me, I have started feeling amazingly better in the last 24 hours.  I actually ate a real dinner last night and had energy!  And Wayne, he says he is gaining weight bc he has been finishing off all of our meals when I did not have an appetite!  Ha!  So, all is GROWING well in the Black home!  :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Wayne and I joined Tallie and Caleb in Starkville this weekend to watch the Bulldogs take on the Crimson Tide!!!  Although the outcome of the game was not so great, the festivities were fantastic!  We tailgated with a great group of friends & saw tons of college friends!  We joined Cathy and Bob (Caleb's parents) for the game IN THEIR BOX!!! And we really enjoyed staying with the Luke's at Browing Creek!  Now I think I am spoiled...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

News from Nova & Neeli

Nova: So... Have you heard our news?
Neeli: Blah! Blah! Blah!  No!  They have not heard our news!  Why else would we be doing this?
Nova: Well, it's exciting!  I am so excited I think I just peed on the couch! Oops! 
Neeli: Can you not control your bladder? Gosh!
Nova: It's fine!  Calm down!  Mom will clean it up before Dad gets home.
Neeli: Are you going to tell them the news or do I have to do this?
Nova: Me, me, me... I want to tell! Oops!  Too excited again!
Neeli: I am missing valuable nap time here!!!
Nova: Okay!  SOOO... The Big News... I am going to be a Big Sister!!! 
Neeli: Trust me!  It's not all its cracked up to be!
Nova: Well, I for one am thrilled!  Mom and Dad are having a BABY!  I will have my very own baby!!!  Oops!  It's on the pillow this time!
Neeli: The baby will be here around May 26th, so Dad and I are thrilled it will not affect our hunting season!  Although I am sad to report the Man Room is in its last few months! 
Nova: But we will have a baby... that is SO MUCH better!
Neeli: Its time for my nap! 
Nova: Okay!  Remember to check back for the latest updates on Baby B!  This is SO FUN!

Monday, November 2, 2009

HRCH Maggy's Super Black Benelli SH

Yet another COLD bath for Wayn-o!  Neeli went 2 for 2 at Magnolia at Kearney Park earning her AKC Senior title.  Go Neeli!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wayne and I hosted a Halloween Party at the Lake Caroline Clubhouse with our friends John and Amanda, Tallie and Caleb & Sara Anne and Brandon.  It was so much fun!

Wayne and I were a Critical Patient and an EMT - my jacket was super reflective!

Robin and Jason were the cutest disco couple - I am still impressed that Jason dressed up!!!

Anna and Andy were a mouse and some cheese - they are always creative!

Meagan and Mark dressed as a knocked up cheerleader and principal - they are so fun!

Tallie and Caleb were Lady Gaga and her Poker Face - they could have won a costume contest!

Sara Ann and David were adorable Flinstones - love them!

J. Hunter was supporting Peace & Love, Not War - he came home for our party! :)

Amanda and John were Marilyn Monroe and Elvis - they are precious together!

Jamie and Josh were Harley enthusiasts - the leather, tattoos and all! 
I love Halloween!