Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day In The Delta!

For Valentine's Day Wayne asked that I would come goose hunting with him - he wanted this to be his gift! Of course, I secretly wanted to come but I made him promise that another girl would come! After all, who am I going to chat with when the guys are hunting? So, Sara and Lee; Amy and Dustin; and Tammy and George all joined us! Us girls really enjoyed chatting on the walkie talkies! And I took tons of pics of the Delta!

Although the hunt was not the most successful, the guys enjoyed the adventure and comedy of the hunt. Some highlights included the goose that would never die, Neeli swimming forever to pickup a goose that Lee could not kill, Amy's adorable hat that she stole from Dustin, George killing a goose with a band, napping on my camo pillow - thanks again Lee and a barefoot lunch a McDonalds! I cannot wait to go again!