Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Foods I Could Not Live Without...

HORIZON YOGURT TUBES: Every morning I have these for breakfast! I usually pair them with a banana! It is the ideal meal on the go!
OZARKA SPRING WATER: I am so picky about the way my water tastes, and I love this water! I guess I have become a brat bc I refuses to drink purified water. RAW ALMONDS: I do not like any additives on my almonds! These are great to carry around in my car in case I get a craving during the day. Delicious!!!

STARBUCKS MOCHA LIGHT FRAP: Yum! For 167 calories for a grande it is worth every sip!

WEIGHT WATCHERS FUDGE BAR: These are a rare treat but are perfect for that chocolate treat after dinner.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Southern Reception

Congratulations Will and Jaime! The happy couple married in Canada in June (Jamie is from Canada) and made it home (Will is from MS) this weekend to celebrate their nuptials Southern style. The reception was beautiful! The food was delicious! And the company was great! Sara and I got to spend time with Kelly (Sara's BF and the sister of the groom)! The next stop on this jet setting couples list is France, where Will has taken a job! Best wishes!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Kailee Marie!

The happiest little girl in the world officially turned 2 on July 17th!!! Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen? Grandmommy and I traveled to Hattiesburg yesterday to celebrate her big day poolside. It was so fun to see her swim like a big girl, jump in her new bouncy and talk to everyone there! She dove right into her birthday day - one of those things she gets from me! Happy Birthday Kailee Marie!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Wayne and I heart some DR. ZARR! After all, they have been a part of some of our greatest memories together, including our own wedding reception! So, when we learned they would be playing at Club 43 (yes, its a hole but its really close to our house) we were game (thanks for the 411 Josh)!!! By the time Friday night rolled around we were so giddy we could hardly wait to Shake Our Groove Thing!

Who does not LOVE 80's music? Or those adorable costumes? DR ZARR Rocks! I especially enjoyed the many MJ tributes!

And yes, I brought my camera in a bar! And the pictures are worth it! Jamie and I are planning to be DR. ZARR groupies - if our legs can stand it!
Wayne and Paul - the dancin' machines!
And, of course, no night is complete without the Ellis Shuffle!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"You say it's your birthday" - The Beatles

Sara (SIL), Dean(MIL) and I traveled to the Hard Rock in Biloxi to celebrate Sara's 23rd birthday! She is growing up so fast! :)

And, of course, we celebrated in style! We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, played a few penny slots (I won $20) and boogied the night away with The So & So's (the band)!

We were having some much fun that we hated to see Sara's offical birthday go, but we still had another 1.5 days of fun ahead of us!

Day 2 was spent at the pool (do you really want to see those pics?)! Of course, I am happy to share our FAB sunburns with you! We had dinner at the buffet (you cannot go to a casino and not enjoy the chocolate fountain)! We also played more penny slots (I doubled my money then lost it all - let me just say I was the closest to winning)! And no night is complete without The So & So's!
Sara, your birthday rocked! Thanks for letting me be part of it! I love you like a sis!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kailee's back!

Wayne and I had a great (but very busy) weekend with Kailee! Girl has so much personality (she is a clown) and she never meets a stranger so it makes life very eventful!

Instead of a play by play I will focus on my favs: she is a dancing machine (wonder where she gets that from); she hearts Dora (I can now say hello and goodbye in four languages); she loves water (and the tub is just as much fun as the pool); she repeats everything you say (everything!); she will grab anyones hand and say "Come on" in order to be able to do what she wants (its a really good trick for new people); she sings Boom Boom Boom (its cute); she melts my heart when she says "Hold me Sally"!
Can you believe that she will be two next Friday?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

My beautiful, creative, artsy friend Emily celebrated her 30th birthday today at Easely Amused! We had great food (loved the pink cupcakes), great wine and happy paintings! Emily is the ultimate party planner (and mom of three beautiful girls) - we had SO MUCH FUN!!!
We painted Poppy Don't Preach - love it! The birthday girl's painting (center) is like a Picaso! Painting is one of her hobbies! Katy had 29 poppies - we called it overpopulated, but it was oh so cute! And mine ended up clean and minimual - very much my style!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wayne goes fishing!

Wayne traveled to Venice, LA today to go deep sea fishing with several of his engineering buddies. He hearts deep sea fishing! This is the group with their take!

Although Wayne did not catch the tuna he was after (the blue water had moved out about 100 miles) he caught this big boy! And he had a big time!