Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Us Where You Live...

Master Bedroom...
I absolutely love reading Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday! With thousands of people reading her blog each day there are tons of inspiration rooms to peek at; however, this is my first time to be able to post bc my house is not decorated (although I have lived here for two years).

First, you must see the before! It was a HOT MESS!

You may notice a certain little black dog that likes to be in the photos.

Now this is the view coming in! The other door is our master bath. You can see that I trashed the footboard and added "black dog friendly" (they sleep with us) bedding from JCPenney, two black bedside tables (actually desks) from Target, glass lamps and black lampshades from Target, moonglow faux silk curtains from Target and a palm from Kroger.
I also brought in my bridal portait from the living room (that was so two years ago). The armoire was a gift from Wayne for my birthday many years ago.
I also added the black frames from Walmart with some of our fav photos of us! I still hope to paint darker tan vertical stripes around the room but it has come a long way!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remember the Time...

Today I received a text from Wayne that said "MJ died today". The first thing I thought was "there is no way Michael Jackson is dead, who is MJ?". Sadly, I quickly learned that in fact it was the King of Pop who had passed. You may laugh, but my eyes filled with tears. As a child of the 80's Michael Jackson will forever hold a special place in my heart. MJ taught me my first dance moves (and yall know how much I love to dance), made me appreciate quirky fashion (who did not love the signature jacket and glove) and sparked my love for giving back and all things organic (we are the world). In fact, I remember when MTV hosted the (now infamous) "Stay a Micheal Jackson's house" event - my brother and I would call every time a MJ video came on and we racked up a pretty big phone bill to no avail! In college my social club, Lockhearts, did a MJ Tribute for Songfest (we danced to everything MJ)! To this day the King of Pop has a significant presence on my itunes and Remember the Time (my fav tune of all time) will forever be on my ipod. Today I pray that Michael Jackson is in a better place... RIP!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Southern Miss Fan!!!

The cutest lil Southern Miss fan came to visit this weekend! My niece, Kailee, came to see Neely and Nova. It was just a month ago that she last visited, but she has grown so much and is talking so well. We had a great time visiting family, playing outside, loving on the puppies and shopping at Walmart (really, we went to Kroger, but she calls it walmart - she loves it bc there are so many people to talk to)! Isn't she adorable?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I heart the beach!!!

Nothing is better than a beach trip with the girls!!! Sara (sister in law), Dean (mom in law), Chris (aunt in law) and I traveled to Perido Key this past Sunday to soak up some sun! We had SO MUCH FUN!!!

My favorites included our condo (Spanish Key) which looked like a showroom for Ballard Designs, the adorable cabana boy who positioned our umbrella (total cutie), nightly visits to the hot tub (and coordinating White Russian), eating way too much seafood (my new fav place is Cobalt), dancing at Flora Bama (even though we were the youngest people there), Sara's delicious jello shots (strawberry kiwi is the best)...AND... drum roll please... my first visit to the DOG RACES!!! The Kennel Club in Florida is a dump, but it was the best $20 I have ever spent! I stuck with dog #8 and won $7 but I almost won $21 more! Big Winner!