Friday, July 29, 2011

The Fair!!!

Election year at the Neshoba County Fair... as if the midway, Penn's chicken-on-a-stick and sippin' something cold on the porch swing was not a big enough slice of heaven, good 'ol Southern politics was a welcomed addition.  The Black family added yet another slice of heaven to the fair experience this year... Miss Ely Reed!  She was one happy camper!  I think she enjoyed the horses races just as much as Coco (Uncle Caleb)! 

 And she was oh so cute against the red clay, wet green grass, colorful cabins and patriotic political signs!  Of course, she brought a little bit of all of that home with us! :)
Thursday was our only day at the fair with our little bundle in tow, but we were thrilled to share the experience with her. Happy 1st Fair ER!!!


Anonymous said...

I have lived in Philly for two year now and my husband for four and this was my first year to the fair!! What is your connection to Philly and the fair?